Results of the Second All-Russian Contest of Jewellery Art

23 June 2014
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Results of the Second All-Russian Contest of Jewellery Art are resumed in the Kaliningrad Amber Museum.

Mastery of the authors was judged by the jury consisting of:

  • Igor Pronichev – jury chairman, associate professor of the Kostroma State University of Technologies department, member of the Art and Expert Council for Arts and Crafts of Kostroma oblast, member of the International Association of Fine Arts AIAP UNESKO;
  • Pierre Marie Bernard – artist, jeweller, honorary President of the National Crafts and Creation Federation, director of the Committee “Franceclat”, President of creative commission of the committee “Franceclat”, teacher of the jewellery craft at the school "BJO Formation";
  • Irina Perfilieva – leading research associate of the Research Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts of the Russian Academy of Arts, candidate of art history, member of the Union of Russian Artists;
  • Elena Toropova – associate professor of the I.Kant Baltic Federal University, candidate of art history, member of the Union of Russian Artists, member of Association of Art Experts;
  • Irina Toropova – deputy director for research of the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, candidate of pedagogical sciences, art expert;
  • Andrzej Szadkowski – artist, professor of Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, member of the Jewellers Association of the city Hanau (Germany);  honorable member of the Association of Artist of Jewellery Forms (Warsaw, Poland); member of the International Association of Amber Artists in Gdansk (Poland); member of the council of the International competition of young jewellers “Image and Form” (Saint Petersburg, Russia).


Grand Prix:

Olga Rumyantseva, Kostroma  for the beads "Spring" (enamel, silver, phianites; hot enamel), 2006.

Category "Skill in creation of artistic image":


Alexander Rumyantsev, Kostroma – for the women's jewellery set (bracelet and necklace), (silver; hand engraving), 2005.

Category 'Skill of execution":


Sultanakhmed Magamedaliev, Makhachkala – for the buckle (silver; blackening, engraving), 2014.

Category "Experiment":


Georgiy Pashkov, Togliatti – for the flatware "Games of Hephaestus" (knife, fork, spoon, small spoon), (bronze; casting), 2013.

Category "From flame and light..." dedicated to the 200th anniversary of M.Lermontov


Mila Pikova, Togliatti – for the flatware "Back to the roots. Spinning wheel" (spoon, caviar spoon, dessert spoon, fork, knife), (bronze; casting, silvering), 2014.

Category "The Spirit of Fire" dedicated to the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi


Evgeniy Snesar, Saint Petersburg – for the rings "Fiery engine" (silver; oxidation), 2013.

Jury diplomas:

"For following the traditions" – Ilia Talantsev, Nizhniy Tagil, for the jewellery set "The autumn mood" (necklace, earrings, ring), (nickel silver, marble, verde antique, ophiocalcite; brazing, mosaic), 2013.

"For the experiment" – Natalia Lapinus, Kaliningrad, for the earrings from the set "Facets", (amber, silver, leather; brazing, sawing-out, bending, polishing), 2013.

"For the new Kaliningrad traditions" – creative association "Prussian Honey" (Svetlana Egorova – design, Alexander Yuritsyn – style, Lyudmila Kravchenko – execution), Kaliningrad, for the necklace "Two worlds", (brass, amber, leather; oxidation, polishing), 2014.

"For the search for image among unconventional materials" – Olga Oblezina, Samara, for the two earrings, small brooch and ring from the jewellery series "Calm sea" (silver, brass, coral, wood, garnet, glass, pearl, marine rubble, quartz, enamel; author technique, brazing, patination, reticulation, mounting), 2013.

Special jury diplomas:

Pierre Marie Bernard – Evgenia Zaboeva, Saint Petersburg, for the ring "Family crystal", 2013 (copper, silver, piece of a crystal glass; patination) with the formulation "I dare...".

Igor Pronichev – Olga Naumenko, Rostov-on-Don, for the jewellery set "Oriental" (torc and earrings), 2013 (silver, enamel, corals; cloisonne) with the formulation "For the poetic definition of the image".

Irina Toropova – Аlipat Bagaeva, Makhachkala, for the ring "Byzantium", 2014 (silver; filigree, forging, granulation) with the formulation "For the poetic interpretation of Oriental esthetic";

Andrzej Szadkowski – Мarina Lapshina, Nizhniy Tagil, for the ring "Breath of the Universe", 2013 (silver, ametrine, phianite; casting, setting) with the formulation "For the skill of execution and creation of the artistic image".

Special sponsor diplomas:

Emelyanov and Sons Amber-Redwood Manufacture, director A.Emelyanov – Nikita Smirnov, Togliatti, for the watches collection "Limit of time", 2013.

LLC MCE "Alk", director Yu.Pedorenko – Mila Pikova, Togliatti, for the jewellery set "There, where the history started from", 2014.

LLC "Bezkai", director E.Durum – Кonstantin Vyalkov, Saint Petersburg, for the figurine "Ice Genius" (agate, jasper, cacholong, rock crystal, amethyst, iolite; stone-carving blocked miniature), 2014.

PE M.Simukov – Natalia Lapinus, Kaliningrad, for the pendant "Dreams" (amber, metal, leather), 2014.

Hotel "House of the Story Teller", Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad Organization of the Union of Russian Writers, chairman Boris Bartfeld – Аndrey Maltsev, Yekaterinburg, for the triptych panel "Vabi-Sabi" (silver, copper, brass; Mokume-gane technique), 2013.

LLC "Konigsland, director general L.Rodionova – Denis Koposov, Yekaterinburg, for the pendant "Keeper" (gold,silver, topaz), 2014.

State Unitary Enterprise "Kaliningrad Amber Combine", acting director general M.Zatsepin:

  • Alexander Korolyov, Kaliningrad, for the composition "Blackberry in the vase" (amber, silver, bone), 2013;
  • Lyudmila Vysotskaya, Olga Zholonkovskaya, Kaliningrad, for the composition "Golden hands" ("Every child is to a certain extent a genius, and every genius to a certain extent a child" Arthur Schopenhauer. Dedication to parents), (amber, metal), 2014;
  • Vera Nodel, Kaliningrad, for the necklace " (silver, gold, amber), 2014;
  • Creative association of Kaliningrad artists "Prussian Honey".

Kaliningrad Regional Public Organization of the All-Russian Creative Organization "Union of Russian Artists", board chairman V.Elfimov – Zhanna Lopatkina, Kaliningrad, for the panel "The Great Roman Amber Route to the Baltic Gold", 2014;

Kaliningrad Regional Branch of the Creative Union of Russian Artists, chairman A.Fyodorov – Vera Nodel, Kaliningrad.

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