Letters to Ded Moroz

4 December 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

on 4 December, the whole Russia is celebrating a very interesting and special holiday dedicated to the coming New Year, – the Day of ordering gifts and writing letters to Ded Moroz. It is dedicated to everyone, who believes in this winter magician and looks forward to miracles.

In the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, only one day long, on 4 December, there will be set a special post box, where you can put your letter.

Letters in envelopes with post stamps will be necessarily sent to Ded Moroz to his residence on the address: Ded Moroz House, Velikiy Ustyug 62390, Vologda oblast, Russia. In addition to that, letters should be written in the museum on a special form. It will travel by electronic mail. Don't forget to write your electronic address! What if Ded Moroz will give you an answer?