Exhibition of Tamara Beletskaya "Embracing the sun"

4 April 2012
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Sunbeam bright jewellery of natural stones will be shown in the Kaliningrad Amber Museum. The solo exhibition of the fashion designer Tamara Beletskaya "Embracing the sun" will present from 6 April a collection of necklaces, real "pictures on the neck", in which amber is used in combination with the other gems. 

Authorial way of combining different materials in one work is a brand new approach in creation of aesthetic harmony in jewellery. It opens new possibilities in applied art. «Amber sounds in a new way – so as it has never been presented including Polish and Lithuanian artists. There will be amber in rock style, country amber, romantic amber – things, that create woman’s style. You’ll like to look at them», - mentions Tamara Beletskaya.

As a designer Tamara creates jewellery basing on very individual interpretation of colour and form combination. She constructs her works considering colour specific nature of used materials, stone plastics, creates unique rhythmical combinations, in which recognizable floral motives are seen.

Design of the dresses that are also presented in the exhibition, is made specially for these adornments. Fashion designer demonstrates unusual approach, when the natural beauty of the gems defines stylistic of the clothes.

Original dresses are made in batik technique – hand fabric painting.

In the reach creative biography of Tamara Beletskaya this exposition is the second solo exhibition in Kaliningrad Amber Museum. The artist participated in the Fourth International Biennial of Amber Artworks «Alatyr 2011» International Exhibition of Artistic Crafts «Violet village» in Paris. She is the prize winner of the All-Russian Competition «Woman – director of the year» in 2000 and of the International Beauty Festival «Summer night dream» in 2006.

You can see the exhibition «Embracing the sun» and relax your soul and mind in the Amber Museum until 27 May. After the end of it part of the jewellery will be set for a charitable auction.

Participation in the exhibitions and projects of Kaliningrad Amber Museum:

2011 – co-exhibition of Tamara Beletskaya and Sergey Sereda «Secret of harmony», Kaliningrad Amber Museum, Russia;

2011 – the Fourth International Biennial of Amber Artworks «Alatyr 2011», Kaliningrad Amber Museum, Russia;

2011 – International Exhibition of Artistic Crafts «Violet Village», Paris, France;

2011 – exhibition and competition «Ideas and Images of Leonardo da Vinci in contemporary decorative and applied art», Kaliningrad Amber Museum, Russia.


2000 – prize-winner of the Regional Competition «Woman – director of the year», Kaliningrad Regional Branch of All-Russian Non-commercial Organization “Russian Businesswomen Association”, Kaliningrad, Russia;

2000 – prize-winner All-Russian Competition «Woman – director of the year» under the patronage of Federation Council of E.S. Stroev Federal Assembly of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia;

2003 – diploma of the VII International Exhibition «Vogue and Cosmetics», «Baltic-Expo» exhibitional center, Kaliningrad, Russia;

2006 – prize-winner of the International Beauty Festival «Summer night’s dream», Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic Hall, Russia;

2010 – special Jury diploma of the Regional Biennial of Amber Author Works «Amber Autumn 2010», Kaliningrad Amber Museum, Russia.


Tamara Beletskaya graduated from Minsk Institute of Technology in 1981 with specialty of fashion artist. In 2006 she graduated from Moscow Fashion Industry Institute and Moscow International Business and Management Academy.

In the age of 23 years she became a main fashion designer of experimental shop of Kaliningrad Sewing Association «Silhouette». The first independent collection was created in 1980. 1988 she organized the fist private «Fashion Theatre» in Kaliningrad, which grew to the «Fashion House» in 1996.

Next stage of artist’s creative activity was year 2010: Tamara Beletskaya appealed to jewellery art for the first time. Collection of adornments with natural stones was created. In this collection amber was combined with other gems – agate, jasper, topaz, nephrite, amethyst, chariot, turquoise, pure quartz, malachite.

Since 2011 the artist has been working with Kaliningrad Amber Combine. About ten works of her design entered production. Tamara Beletskaya is participant of international competitions and festivals.

2000 she was a winner of Grand Prix in All-Russian Competition «Woman – director of the year».

Member of the Russian Professional image-makers League since 2002.


Inquiries: 466-888

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