Open interview for Natalia Shevchenko's Studio on the International Jeweller's Day

31 January 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Homelins are made-up characters, fairy jewellers that work with amber and make various items from it. One of the most popular symbols of the city was made by Natalia Shevchenko, who  received her education in Rostov State University and sometime dreamed to draw animated films.

Beside the mini sculptures, the studio is famous for its works from amber, silver, and wood, it promotes Kaliningrad amber in the world.

We are inviting young and already known jewellers and amber craftsmen, as well as those who just think about their future in the profession.

Topics which will be discussed by the expert:

- how to become a jeweller from ground zero at any age;

- fears of young jewellers;

- myths of the complicated paperwork;

- stories about how super successful collections were made.

There also will be a workshop "An Open Interview with Natalia Shevchenko" for beginning jewellers. Within it the expert is going to tell, what she pays attention to while hiring to the Amber Love Studio.

The meeting starts at 16.00.

Free admission.

Required prior registration for the event: 8(4012) 46-68-88