Opening of the exhibition "Magic of Amber"

20 January 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 20 January the exhibition opening ceremony of the Sixth contest of children's and youth creativity "Magic of Amber" and awarding of winners took place in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. Over 80 students of Kaliningrad and regional children's art schools and studios took part in the creative competition presenting over 150 works to the judges.   

The children's works were considered by:
Oksana Pupisheva – jury chairperson, head of the department for scientific- and museum-educational work of the Amber Museum;

Viktor Ryabinin, artist, member of the Artists' Union of Russia, member of the Creative Artists' Union of Russia, associate professor of the design department of the Kaliningrad branch of K.G.Razumovsky MSUTM;

Valeria Kharko, teacher of the Kaliningrad Children's Art School of the highest category.

– It was rather difficult to make a choice, – said chairperson of the jury Oksana Pupisheva at the exhibition opening ceremony. – All the works are very bright, unusual, memorable, so jury member had to think for a long time. I'd like to mention that not all the works are in the contest exhibition, the most original, independent ones were chosen for it. The works were evaluated in two age groups – senior and junior, in two categories – painting and graphics. Besides, some works were awarded with the special jury diplomas. 

The deputy director of the Amber Museum Irina Toropova mentioned in her speech that such competitive events are very important for the popularization of the Baltic gem. She emphasized that although not all the participants were awarded (it is impossible at the contest – there are only three prize placers in each category), participation in the project itself is useful for them, as well as very important for the Amber Museum. 

Young artists-contestants were greeted by their age-mates – students of the D.D.Shostakovich Children's Music School – young piano, violin and flute players. They performed works of the famous composers.

At the conclusion of the event everyone who wanted made a tour through the museum's halls and made a quest through the permanent exposition of the Amber Museum. 

The exhibition "Magic of Amber" will work until 3 February 2016.

Winners of the contest "Magic of Amber"

Junior age group
category "Best Drawing"

1st place – Veronika Gasanova, 10 years old, "A Bug in Amber", Children's Art School, Sovetsk
2nd place – Uliana Khudova, 10 years old, "Amber Dreams", Children's Art School, Kaliningrad
3rd place –  Eva Paskievich, 8 years old, "Amber Castle", School №7

Junior age group
category "Best Painting"

1st place – Valeria Stolbova, 7 years old, "Mermaid Rescues the Fisherman", Children's and Youth Center "In the Molodezhnaya Str."
2nd place – Daria Belova, 10 years old, "Amber Comb", Children's Art School "Harmony"
3rd place – Roman Popkov, 6 years old, "Amber Tears", Children's Art School, Kaliningrad

Senior age group
category "Best Drawing"

1st place – Timur Suslyaev, 12 years old, "K.I.Chukovsky is charmed by the fly in amber", art studio "Sunflower", Children's and Youth Creativity House "Amber"
2nd place – Ekaterina Bazhenova, 14 years old, "Music of Amber", Children's Art School, Kaliningrad
3rd place – Maria Zavershinskya, 14 years old, "Amber Elfs",School №24

Senior age group
category "Best Painting"

1st place – Veronika Stelmachenok, 11 years old, "Legend of Jurate", Children's Art School, Kaliningrad
2nd place – Anastasia Kochkina, 12 years old, "The Sun of Amber", School №50
3rd place – Ekaterina Filippova, 13 years old, "Kastytis", Children's Art School, Kaliningrad

Special jury diplomas

Maria Chaban, 12 years old, Lyudmila Sidorchuk, 12 years old, "Dolphins", Children's Art School, Sovetsk
Radima Chaika, 8 years old,"Amber Route", Children's Art School, Kaliningrad
Polina Burtniy, 8 years old, "Amber Bay", School №7
Varvara Danilova, 6 years old, "Amber Breeze", E.T.A. Hoffmann Children's Art School
Lada Lebedeva, 10 years old, "Amber Museum", Children's Art School, Kaliningrad

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