Opening of the exhibition of the Guild of Amber Craftsmen"

9 October 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum has been organizing exhibitions that acquaint visitors with creative work of amber artists for many years.

Long-time partners of the museum – Konstantin Bushmelyov, Yuriy Velikotskiy, Alexander Korolyov, Mikhail Vorobyov, Lana Yegorova, Vladimir Litvinko, Pavel Litvinenko, Nikolai Kotov, Alexander Yuritsin, Alexander Sumerkin and Vyacheslav Mishin – united as Kaliningrad Guild of Amber Craftsmen in 2015. Their first exhibition took place at the Amber Museum in 2016. From 6 October to 5 November 2017 works of the Kaliningrad masters are presented for museum's visitors again.

At the exhibition opening ceremony the leading consultant of the Agency for Cultural and Free-Time Work and Librarianship of the Department for Development of Culture of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Kaliningrad oblast Tatiana Nikitina delievered a welcome speech, she thanked the artists and the Amber Museum for the successful cooperation.

The board chairman of the Guild Yuriy Velikotskiy on the occasion of the exhibition opening was gifted with new books published by the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum.

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