The exhibition by "diamond killers" has opened

17 September 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 13 September, the exhibition of contemporary jewellery by the creative union "Mi-Mi Moscow: "Smile" :))" has opened in the Amber Museum. There are brooches made of glass, plastic, nacre, and other modern materials. Authors of the collection – Mila Kalnitskaia and Mikhail Maslennikov, graduates of Moscow State Academy of Industrial Art named after S.G.Stroganov. In the capital fashionable society, they are called "diamond killers". Ideas, the artists show in their works expressively, and often with a bit of humour, broadcast universal human values. This becomes obvious looking at names of their brooches and poems, which go along with the most original works, as "Glamorous Moth", "Tree of the Crystal Dream", "Moon Horse", "Hetman Platov's Angel". As the designers told at the opening ceremony, they find many materials for their jewellery at flea markets.

The exhibition will be open until 10 November.