Окунуться в сказочный мир Бали

17 April 2014
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

You can experience the magic world of Bali in the Kaliningrad Amber Museum from 30 April to 15 June. An exhibition "Stone Island" will share the heavenly splendor of the island with visitors. As if it would bring the viewers to the "Island of thousand temples", tell about serenity and delight, morning beat of waves on a beach and gentle wind, tropical jungles and rapid rivers, mountain tops over the clouds and emerald green cascades of rise fields. The exposition will help to feel this unique colouring, shine and charm of Bali.

The exhibition will present unique semi-precious stones and works made of them brought from the Bali Island. Differently coloured calcedonies (blue, purple, white), varieties of agate (landscape, moss, blue, flame), bumble-bee and feather jasper, cornelian, purple onyx, labrodarite, chrysoprase, obsidian (volcanic glass), garnet, pink quartz, larimar, sponge coral, green opalite, mother of pearl. Special place in the exposition will be given to Indonesian amber of unusual olour - blue, red, white. Jewellery, figurines, caskets, clocks and others - among shown works.

Opening ceremony – 30 April at 17.00.


Press Office of the Amber Museum

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