"Meneral-cutting – the way to excellence"

21 April 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Lecture "Mineral-cutting – the way to excellence" takes place within the lecture series "Jewellery Encyclopedia" in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum on 21 April at 18.30. It will be conducted by the museum's deputy director for research, art expert, candidate of pedagogical sciences Irina Toropova.

Cutting lends amazing esthetic qualities to a mineral. Its specific effects, glance appear, natural defects (inclusions, cracks, shears, etc) are fully or partially removed. In the cutting process the raw material is shaped in various ways: sometimes these are regular-shaped polyhedrons, sometimes seemingly unordered volumes with natural fractures. In today's practice, this image of "the mathematical perfection" can be authorial and nonexistent in type classifications. Unique ways of cutting not only reflect the technical excellence of the contemporary approach to jewellery, but also transfer images of the world around in a symbolical manner.

Ticket price to the lecture including visit of all Amber Museum's expositions on any day of the current month:
for adults – 200 RUB;
for students – 100 RUB;
for schoolchildren – 80 RUB.

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