"United by Creativity"

15 February 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

A reporting exhibition of works by Kaliningrad amber artists is opening in the Amber Museum on 15 February at 17.00.

There will be jewellery, sculptural compositions, decorative panels with the Baltic gem..

Kaliningrad regional branch of the Creative Union of Russian Artists was established in 1998. Today it includes around 70 members: painters, sculptors, designers, jewellers, masters of decorative and applied art; there are around 40 artists in the section of jewellery and stone-carving art. Among them are such artists as Konstantin Bushmelyov, Lyudmila Igumnova, Pavel Ivanov, Nikolai Kotov, Vladimir Kunin, Vladimir Lopatkin, Yurii Lopatkin, Viacheslav Mishin, Igor Nesterenko, Evgenii Parchomenko, Lev Romanenko, Elena Sapozhnikova, Nikolai Sinkevich, Aleksandr Sumerkin, Galina Syromiatnikova, Vladimir Tepliashin, Elena Tikhomirova, Elena Tsvolko, Lyudmila Vysotskaya, Lana Yegorova, and Aleksandr Yuritsyn.

Group exhibitions of works by the masters from this section were held in the Amber Museum in 2009, 2017, and 2018. They show main local features, approaches, and author's techniques in the art of amber working. Kaliningrad masters also took part in the Amber Museum's programme events as independent artists – in the international competition and exhibition "Alatyr" and regional biennial of amber artworks.

The exhibition will work until 10 March.

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