The exposition renewal

6 August 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

In the Amber Museum's section "Königsberg State Amber Manufactory" a new exhibition complex has been opened presenting works that were based on the sketches by Hermann Brachert. H.Brachert (1890–1972) was the famous German sculptor, goldsmith and amber artist. From the late 1920s until 1944 he worked as the artistic consultant at the State Amber Manufactory in Königsberg, where he elaborated designs of the production and created carved works from amber and other materials.

Recently the museum collection has been enriched with some works by this author and currently amounts to 5 depository items. At the international market such works are highly estimated, they cost several thousands of Euro.

The Amber Museum presents the following items made in the 1930s based on sketches by H.Brachert: a writing set, a goblet, a casket, a cigar case and an ash tray.