On amber and jeweller's work

7 February 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

At the meeting on 31 January, the artist, jeweller, and amber master Natalia Shevchenko told museum guests what qualities and skills a representative of the "precious" profession should have, she also confessed her love to the Baltic gem. According to the master , working with this warm, "magic" stone can dissolve negative emotions and even better the physical well-being.

Guests of the event asked Natalia about the origin of homelins. In her tale, Natalia reminded that these are fantastic creatures, that are enthusiastically engaged in amber working. The characters were made up ten years ago. There will be totally 7 mini-sculptures of homelins in Kaliningrad. The second one – grandma Martha – is set at the entrance to the Amber Museum. Homelins have been and still are an image project for the Amber love studio. Their main activity is dedicated to the production of designer souvenirs and jewellery.

In her speech, Natalia mentioned that her best day is a day when she has some time to work in the studio and realise her creative ideas.

We express gratitude to the artist for the interesting meeting!