A new sculpture has appeared in the museum

7 August 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

For five days blacksmiths from Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Finland were creating a new sculpture within the International Art Forging Plain Air. Masters were working in the open space in front of the museum gate. All residents and guests of Kaliningrad could watch the process of creation of the forged artwork.

The blacksmiths worked according to the sketch made by the artists from Saint Petersburg Aleksandr Sushnikov. Theme of the work became the ancient Greek myth of Heliades, who mourned their dead brother Phaeton on the Eridanus river coast, and became poplars, and their tears turned into amber.

The created sculpture is 2,5 meter high and weighs over 250 kg. In the future it is planned to place it on the rampart behind the museum.

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