"Joyful Museum" is back in a new format!

11 July 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The museum educators have prepared a new programme for children from 6 to 11 years old. Kids will have fascinating journeys and games, creative lessons and practice, educational stories and adventures.

The first session is held from 16 to 27 July on workdays (10 days altogether). Every day there will be a themed lessons, within which children will learn the museum's exposition, a workshop and a quest game organized for children. There will be two groups in every session: the first one starts at 12.00, the second one – at 14.00.

Themes of the lessons:

  • "Hello, Museum";
  • "Stories from the Amber Casket";
  • "Who lives in the Amber Forest";
  • "The World of Mosaics";
  • "Amber Adventures";
  • "The Amber Chronicle";
  • "Coloured Eyes of the Earth";
  • "Mystery of the Amber House";
  • "Relic Hunters";
  • "Zhivichka's Adventures".

Duration of one meeting – 60-80 minutes.

Price of the participation in the workshop of the whole family (3-4 persons) – 300 roubles.

Seats are limited.

The first session: 16 – 27 July.
The second session: 30 July – 10 August.
The third session: 13– 24 August.

Registration on the phone: 53-82-19, e-mail: prosvet@ambermuseum.ru