On Maslenitsa festival the Kaliningrad Amber Museum treats with pancakes and shows theatrical performance

22 February 2012
Press Office of the Amber Museum

In the front yard of the museum a handicraft fair will be hold, where local masters will sell their handmade works. Courageous knights in armours will meet visitors at the entrance and offer riding the horse and various competitions.

The celebration won’t happen without traditional treat – pancakes with red caviar, honey and sour cream from café network “Blintsa-tsa”.

About the afternoon a competition will start in the Museum. Each participant will get a lock of straw and fardel of multicoloured cloths to create a Mastenitsa jackstraw – the main symbol of the winter. Guests, who will venture to prove their physical vigour and endurance, can try themselves in brave games: hops over the rope, fights with wooden swards and heavy contests. Each winner will get a portion of pancakes as a present.

After walk-around of folk band “Matitsa” heroes of the festival – buffoon and his bride will put on a small act for spectators.

At 3 p.m. the Maslenitsa festival ends by burning of the jack straw and saying good-bye to the winter.