Third International Exhibition of Artistic Crafts happened in the Violet Street in Paris

3 July 2012
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The following Kaliningrad artists, jewellers and carvers participated in the exhibition: Vyacheslav Mishin, Tamara Beletskaya, Boris Serov, Konstantin Domichkovsky, Tatiana Maletskaya, Natalia Domichkovskaya.

For the fourth year Kaliningrad Amber Museum makes co-projects with French Artists Association "Once, an artist", which was founded and inspired by Jean-Claude Guillemot.

Such collaboration helps Baltic amber expansion to Europe, cross-pollinating exchange between Russian and French artists, strengthening of cultural relations between Russia and France.

Next step of the partnership is holding of another exhibition "Violet Street: from Paris to Kaliningrad 2012" in August in Kaliningrad Amber Museum; it is going to be a window of French design and creative work in applied crafts.