Music night "Light of the Christmas Star"

17 January 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 17 January, before the orthodox Epiphany holiday, performance of the male chamber choir "Image" («Ликъ») under the leadership of the artistic director Aleksandr Khainovskii takes place in the Amber Museum. The group will present the programme "Light of the Christmas Star". Music pieces of sacred music, Christmas and folk songs, romances will be sung by the choir soloist – Honoured Artist of Russia Nikolai Gorlov (baritone).

Male voices chants are related to the history of choir art in Russ. Since the ancient times, it has been an important part of church services. In the secular music culture, it was also popular – male voices sounded at festivities performing many-voiced choir songs: plangent folk, dance, military songs...

For the first time, the male chamber choir performed for Kaliningrad residents in 1990. The audience accepted the programme with enthusiasm, it included Russian sacred music, folk songs, known and loved, which made the new choir ensemble near and dear.

In the next year, 1991, the choir participated in the International Festival of Sacred Music in Moscow, then the ensemble  made a successful tour around Russia – performed in Smolensk, Yaroslavl, Novosibirsk, and other cities.

In 1993, foreign tours of the choir began. The ensemble honourably represented the Russian art of choir in Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Holland, France, Belgium. The choir "Image" («Ликъ») became a laureate of the Robert Schumann International Choir Competition in Zwickau (Germany).

In Paris, at the World Choir Festival, "Image" («Ликъ») won the golden medal and the Honourable Diploma. With a great success, the band performed at the International Festival of Sacred Music in Lourdes (France).

The successful concert activity made strong reputation to the male chamber choir – many times the ensemble represented our country participating in the Days of Russian Culture in different countries.

In 2019, the male chamber choir "Image" («Ликъ») resumed its active concert and creative work with a new team.

The concert starts at 19.00.

Ticket price – 300 rubles.

Inquiries: 53-82-19.

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