Музей стал одним из организаторов «Дней Фиолетовой улицы» в Париже

21 July 2011
Press Office of the Amber Museum

In “La rue Violet” – street of numerous art salons and studios – pavilions were placed, where artists from seven European countries and the USA presented their best works. Kaliningraders Alexander Sumerkin, Andrey Trusov, Roman Khalitov shared secrets of work with amber with colleagues. Dress and jewellery designer Tamara Beletskaya, “Fashion and Dance Theater” under the supervision of Yury Malinovsky and fire-show club “Baltic Crow” under the supervision of Pavel Krasnoshchokov showed Parisians their skills. Elegant drummer girls exploded with their beat streets of Paris. Knights urged with sound of sword blades to visit the fair “Violet Street”. After four unforgettable days in Paris artists left, but gave a promise to meet in a year.

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