Музей приступил к работе над проектом «Музей в волшебной книге»

26 December 2013
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

The Amber Museum started to work on the project "Museum in a magic book" this autumn after becoming one of 100 lauretes President of Russian Federation competition, which is aimed to support creative projects of national significance in spheres of culture and art.

In course of project realization a virtual interactive exhibition will be prepared that will allow every interested visitor viewing, "picking" at the showpieces (3D models based on photos) of the museum's collection, which usually are bihind glasses of the show cases or kept in vaults.

Of special importance is the fact that "the Book" will enable people with reduced capabilities to have a close look at 3D image of unique amber works that are exposed on the 1st floor of the museum building and at the moment are inapproachable for such visitors.

And certain advantage of the set consisting of a laptop and "the Magic book" is its mobility - it can be transported by one person. It includes municipal units that hve no appropriate facilities for exposing of real amber works. Museum's collection will be available for children's educational institutions of the region. It will be especially important for those of them, who are not able due to their health condition to visit museum in Kaliningrad. The museum can also present the virtual collection at various Russian and foreign exhibitions, simposiums and conferences.

In Oktoder-December 2013 museum's team and project's main contractor made photos of the most part of the items from the planned list: 25 of 30. Each object is photographed from every side. Also so called photos of texture - surface of the objects were made, it will help reproducing their detailed 3D virtual copy. For shooting those works were selected that generally can't be removed from the museum for exposing even to the place, which have all needed security conditions, because the objects are too fragile and they wouldn't "live through" the transportation. For instance, original works of the 17th century, also items produced in the Konigsberg State Amber Manufacture.

Designer Alexey Chebykin creates 3D models. Eight of them are already done. In the end of working process all the 3D images will be located in a special multimedia album.


Press Office of the Amber Museum

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