Музей приглашает группы учащихся на тематические занятия

17 January 2014
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

Kaliningrad Amber Museum invites organized groups of students of 1-5 grades to the topic lessons "Kostroma patterns".

"Unboring lessons" will be conducted from 21 January to 9 February 2014 within the framework of the exhibition "Kostroma goldsmiths: history and modernity. Craft of Kasnoye Selo" from the collection of Kostroma State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum and Park. Among its showpieces are jewellery of the Soviet time, designer works of jewellery artists and unique metal works made on special occasions including the Olympiad 1980 in Moscow.

In understandable form gueides will tell about history of development of jewellery craft in Russia. Children will watch a presentation with photo and video materials that unlock secrets of Kostroma jewellers, they will also participate in a workshop in creation of works in paper filigree technique (quilling).

Duration – 45 minutes

Prise – 80 RUR/student

Group – not over 25 tudents

Inquiry: 53-82-19


Press Office of the Amber Museum