Kaliningrad Amber Museum shows a unique exhibition of jewellery and artistic painting

29 February 2012
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

Author works of students of Kaliningrad Art and Industrial College and Kaliningrad branch of Russian State Tourism and Service University are presented in the exhibition. Only these organizations make programme of continuing education in specialization «Decorative and applied art» in Kaliningrad.

College students sharpen their skills then, learn to create artistic author works and become after its graduating professional artists.

The College is the only in Baltics educational institution of secondary vocational education, which prepares specialists in decorative and applied art, amber masters and, with blessing of patriarch Kiril, iconographers. Kaliningrad branch of the University is the only institution of higher education in the region, where high educated artists of decorative and applied art are prepared.

A large part of the exposition consists of works with art painting on wood. These are wooden boxes, caskets, decorative pictures and panels painted in folk traditions of Gorodets, Mezen, North Dvina, Petrikovka.

Traditional and the most spread stories of bright and ornate Gorodets painting were festivities, riding, tea-parties, floral bouquets. Russian northern painting decorated spinning wheels, sledges, boxes, saltcellars and chests.

A particular direction of decorative and applied art is lacquer miniature made mostly on paper-mache items. Study of lacquer centers traditions allowed to start establishing of author lacquer miniature in Kaliningrad region. There are also presented picturesque miniatures in oil painting technique using nacre, leaf gold and fine works of visual art in tempera painting technique.

Part of the exposition dedicated to visual art acquaints with mastership in painting art and graphics. Another part of the exhibition are works of jewellery art presented by Kaliningrad Art and Industrial College, which was the only in Russia that was marked in 2011 with an award of the third international competition «School on the Amber Rout» organized by the International Amber Union and one of Gdansk lyceums.

The only in Russia training workshop for amber treatment was established in the College. Lectures and practice, workshops in artistic amber treatment, jewellery art and design are conducted not only by famous local amber artists, but also by specialists from other countries.

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