"Russian Winter Melodies"

12 January 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The soloist of the Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic Hall Anna Ushakova will play winter pictures from the piano series "The Seasons" by Petr Tchaikovsky and music pieces by Sergey Rakhmaninov which are often associated with Russia and Russian nature.

Music by this two greatest composers paints for the audience the great outdoors, pictures of cityscapes, and country life.

The night will be opened by the excursion through the exhibition "Yaroslavl Treasures", where objects of ecclesiastic art from ancient Yaroslavl churches, monasteries and cloisters.

The programme starts at 18.30.

Ticket price – 300 rub.

"Russian Winter Melodies"

"The Seasons":
December "Christmas"
January "At the Fireside"
February "Carnival"


"Prelude cis-moll"

Anna Ushakova graduated from the Saint Petersburg N.Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory and got her doctoral degree as piano player. She has been working in the Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic Hall as soloist-instrumentalist since 2013.

Her repertoire shows the breadth of the performing scope and variety of genres. She cooperated successfully with the chamber orchestra of the Philharmonic Hall, with instrumentalists, vocalists (concert programs "Invitation to the Opera", "Organ, piano and chanson", etc.)

She is laureate of the International Contest conducted by the Gorky Literature Institute supported by the Ministry of Culture of Russian federation within the International Forum for Music and Poetry "Fermata", category "Pianoforte solo", Moscow, 2015.

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