Intermuseum marathon "Favorite Tales of Baron Munchhausen"

27 October 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Within the fall holidays from 27 October to 5 November, also on 11–12 November a quest through museums and the Zoo for school students takes place.

Children should buy a "Participant Passport" in advance and learn rules of the game. Then you can head to any museum or the Zoo, receive an "Itinerary List" at the ticket office and make all tasks.

When the quest will have been done, every school student will receive a paper with the answers and put a mark in the passport. Those participants, who will collect all stamps from the museums (6) organizers of the marathon guarantee prizes.

At the Amber Museum the itinerary through the exposition will be called "The Legendary Adventure". Schoolchildren will learn about mythological characters and try to accomplish tasks of Baron Munchhausen.

Organizers of the marathon: the Amber Museum, the Museum of the World Ocean, the Kaliningrad Zoo, Museum "Friedland Gate", The Einstein Museum, the Kaliningrad Art Gallery.

The itinerary is accessible for people with muskuloskeletal system disorders.

Price of a "Participant Passport" – 100 RUB.
Price of an "Itinerary List" – 100 RUB.
One accompanying person by individual visit and by group one enters free of charge.

Inquiries: 53-82-19.