International Art Forging Plain Air

9 August 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Forgers from Austria, Finland, Poland and Russia will create a forged sculpture in front of everyone. Sketch for it will be an image of an amber producing tree with the flowing resin.

On 14 August, when the masters will have finished the work, the ready sculpture will be exhibited on the museum's territory.

It won't be the first time, when forgers from Russia and other countries work on the same ground. The Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum has been organizing art forging plain airs since 2012. Masters from numerous Russian cities, as well as from Austria, France, Lithuania, Norway and Poland participated in them. Through the joint efforts forged artworks were created, every Kaliningrad tourist enjoys their view. These are sculptures "Amber Fishers", "The Gauya Bird", "The Sun", decorative handrails and grilles at the museum's territory. They became a natural part of the cityscape and symbols of forging art that was traditional for this territory. At the turn of 19–20 centuries Konigsberg was worn in metal lace. It was decorated with delicate grilles, forged fences, there were hand-made sign plates on house fronts. Art forging was bright and active element of the cityscape shaping.

Project partner – "Thor's Forge"

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