International Art Forging Plain Air

2 August 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The Fourth International Art Forging Plain Air is taking place in Kaliningrad. This time its participants are blacksmiths from Belarus, Finland, Poland, and Russia.

The event is taking place in front of the museum's gate for five days beginning from 2 August. On 6 August at 18.00 the masters will present result of their work at the plain air closing ceremony.  a ready forged sculpture "Tears of Heliades" will decorate the outer yard of the Amber Museum.

The Kaliningrad Amber Museum has been showing possibilities of using metal objects in the city realm for several years. In the future it is planned to locate a park of sculptures on the rampart behind the museum building.

Since 2012 the following objects have been created as the result of the international and all-Russian plain airs: handrails for the curved bridge on the museum's territory, four door gratings in the inner yard, sculptures "Amber Fishers", "The Gauya Bird", "The Sun", "Amber Tree", and a decorative bench, that became independent tourist attractions in Kaliningrad.

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