"Magic of Amber"

2 November 2015
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum invites school children to participate in the Sixth Contest of Children's and Youth Creativity "Magic of Amber".

Since the ancient times amber has attracted people with its astonishing beauty and mysterious properties. For the first time, "fashion" on this stone emerged in the Neolithic Age, about 6000 years ago. Back then, inhabitants of the Baltic coast made of it amulets, as well as beads and pendants, rings and tabs. In Rus of the Middle Ages, songs, tales and spells were composed, in which "the miraculous alatyr stone" was called "father of all stones". It was believed that there is great power in it, which can stem off any disaster and bring happiness to a kind man. The sun stone inspires also contemporary artists, poets and writers of our region.

We offer young contestants to see its warmth, beauty and magic and to reflect it in their paintings and drawings.

The works can be delivered to the Amber Museum by all means until 15 January 2016 – they can be brought personally or sent by post to the address: Marshal Vasilevskiy Sq. 1, 236016 Kaliningrad. 

Authors of the best works will get prizes and presents! Contest participants will be able to admire their works at the exhibition "Magic of Amber" that is taking place from 20 January to 3 February 2016.

If you have questions, you can ask them on the phone 53-82-19 or send to the address prosvet@ambermuseum.ru.

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