"Dreamcatcher": a workshop within the ARTel Youth Project

22 November 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Since the ancient times people have been making amulets from amber, believing it is a magic stone and attributing different mysterious properties to it. 

On 22 November in the Amber Museum we are going to make our own talisman with amber – the Dreamcatcher, an amulet of the Red Indians that protected the one who slept from evil spirits and bad dreams. Today the Dreamcatcher is a popular interior object that everyone can make with own hands. And our specialists will not only show the techniques of its plaiting and help to master them, but also tell about the magical properties of amber, in which ancient people believed. 

All members of the workshop will also participate in an excursion at the exhibition of works made by the artists from the Guild of Amber Masters "Autumn Dialogue".

The programme starts at 18.30. 
All materials included.

Ticket price for the event – 100 rubles.

Registration for the workshop on the phone: 53-82-19.