Quest "The Gauya Bird and the Magic Necklace" for school children

26 October 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

All the children that will come with their parents to the museum from 26 October to 10 November will be able to observe the display, solving tasks from the game "The Gauya Bird and the Magic Necklace". It aims to make a visit to the museum interesting for children of the age 6-8 years, and give them new knowledge about the origin and qualities of amber. To take part, you should buy a reduced-price ticket in the ticket-office for 100 rubles – it includes entrance for one child and adult – and receive an illustrated guide-book with questions and riddles. Tasks for the quest were developed in cooperation with specialists in museology from Saint Petersburg.

Such interactive routes will be organised in five Kaliningrad museums and in the Zoo within a festival "Islands" – a new family cultural and educational project, which is extension of the Intermuseum Marathon. Children of 6 to 12 years old can take part in it. It is going to be interesting to dive into the topic of a route with the whole family, or a friendly team of adults and children.

You can register for the festival now on the web-site You can also find information about all stages and themed routes there.

Moreover, every participating museum has a special contest from a sponsor. Partner of the Amber Museum is the Children's School of Design. And if you will make everything that is described in the map of our route "The Gauya Bird and the Magic Necklace", you will receive a certificate* for lessons in this school as a gift.


*All the details you can find out from our booklet, that you will get at the museum ticket office.