"Rooftop Concert" by the duet Larion&John

6 September 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Rooftop party – a strong trend of the recent years, successfully proved itself in the world capitals – is experimentally penetrating Kaliningrad.

On 6 September on the roof of the Dohna Tower is performing one-of-a-kind music formation – Larion&John duet. The violist Larion Diakov and multi instrumentalist, DJ and sound designer Evgeniy "John" Shchigol will show fusion of two elements – natural and electronic.

The coming guests are offered witness creation of the sound in its natural form, to feel, how strange harmonies bear a music pice that is absolutely new in its form. Each performance of the duet basically is a result of the improvisation. The original performance, participants and witnesses of which can not assume in advance what would happen in the end: fusion of ambient and new age, transformation to the techno motives or psychedelic passages accompanied by the sound of the live violin.

There will be a cause for a warm-hearted get-together, for dancing, kisses on the roof (what can be more romantic?) and generally for the great ending of the summer. The mystery of the sound does not bear massive involvement, so you still have time to enter the group of chosen ones. Before the performance there will be a short excursion around the viewing point of the Dohna Tower, the guests will be able to look at the city from a bird's eye view.

Ticket price – 500 rubles.

The concert starts at 18.30.

Places are limited!

In case of the rain, the programme may be changed.

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