The 35th anniversary of Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum

3 December 2014
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum is 35 years old!

Colleagues, partners, sponsors, friend came to congratulate the museum to its birthday on 28 November. Special celebration programme was prepared for them: an excursion through the exhibition "Women jewellery – beauty of the world" from the collection of Russian Museum of Ethnography (Saint Petersburg), attraction of momentary photo – as a result of this action a jubilee album with photos and warmest wishes of the guests to the museum team was created; performance of the music band "Smooth jazz operators" (art director Alexander Chaikin).

Presentation "Museum milestones" that told about history of Amber Museum's development was made by deputy director for visitors service of the Amber Museum Natalia Shevchuk. Director of the Amber Museum Tatyana Suvorova expressed deep gratitude to partners and sponsors of the museum, who help to realize various museum's projects, and handed them Letters of Gratitude. Guests also didn't come empty-handed – the museum received birthday presents: amber artworks, books, pictures, flowers.

The Amber Museum expresses gratitude for cooperation, kind words and gifts to:

State Archive of Kaliningrad region, director Alla Fyodorova;
design atelier "Valeri", director Tamara Kireeva;
House-museum of Hermann Brachert, director Vladimir Chernyaev;
Kaliningrad Art and Industrial College, director Svetlana Petropavlovskaya;
Kaliningrad Zoo, director Svetlana Sokolova;
LLC "Konigsland", director Lyudmila Radionova;
All-Russian creative social organization "Union of Artists of Russia", president Viktor Elfimov;
Kaliningrad regional branch of Creative Union of Artists of Russia, president Alexander Fyodorov;
museum "Friedland Gates", director Marina Yadova;
industrial and commercial enterprise "Alk", director Yuriy Pedorenko;
advertising agency "Top-Media";
creative association "Prussian Honey", leader Lana Egorova;
travel agency "Yunona", director Svetlana Slepenok;
travel agency "Amber Mosaic", director Karen Galstyan;
jewellery studio "Darvin", director Vyacheslav Darvin;
JSC "Yantarny Yuvelirprom", director general Vadim Vodopianov;
individual entrepreneur Andrey Trusov;
individual entrepreneur Sergey Shishov;
individual entrepreneur Svetlana Pagasyan;
industrial typography "Business-Contact";
president of Kaliningrad Union of Russian Writers Boris Bartfeld;
fashion artist Tamara Beletskaya;
artist Yuriy Velikotskiy;
artist Mikhail Vorobyov;
artist Lyudmila Vesotskaya;
metalsmith Andrey Vysotin;
metalsmith Roman Gorpinyuk;
artist Pavel Ivanov;
artist Alexander Korolyov;
artist Yulia Kirshina;
artist Gennadiy Losets;
artist Vladimir Makhankov;
artist Vyacheslav Mishin;
artist Nikolay Medvedev;
artist Igor Nesterenko;
artist Lyudmila Sakharova;
artist Lyubov Serebryakova;
artist Alexander Sumerkin;
artist Galina Syromyatnikova;
artist Elena Tikhomirova;
artist Roman Halitov;
artist Elena Shamraeva;
sculptor Andrey Shevtsov;
artist Tamara Emsen;
Tatyana Harlamova.
Amber Museum expresses gratitude for help in organization of the event:

Wedding world "Irina";
Chain of flower shops "Rose";
cafe  "By the bulls";
company "PhotoFokus".