Kaliningrad companies working with amber presented their works at the 19th International Cultural Heritage Exhibition

21 November 2013
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Kaliningrad companies working with amber will showed their works for the third time at the International Cultural Heritage Exhibition, which is held annually in Paris since 1995, in the large exhibition centre Carrousel du Louvre (France). Curator of the project traditionally is Kaliningrad Amber Museum, which got the task from the regional government to present the main domain of our region - Baltic gem - in Russia and abroad and to promote in the market production made of it.

The International Cultural Heritage Exhibition is one of the most significant events in France in the sphere of culture and arts, its purpose is to demonstrate old technologies and materials used as for restauration of item that have a long history, so for producing modern things. Number of its participants is over 300 people. Stands of enterprises and indipendent artists working in sphere of arts and crafts are situated in the space of over 7000 sq. m. in show rooms Gabrielle, Delorme, Le Notre, Soufflot. Number of visitors is eloquent of prestige and great popularity of the Exhibition among Parisians and guests of the French capital: for the four working days - over 80 thousend people.

For the third time within the Programme of Development of Amber Branch the Kaliningrad Amber Museum presented Russian Amber Land at the Parisian Exhibition, which is a meeting place of professional restaurers and artists. The two biggest amber companies of Kaliningrad region took part in the exhibition. SUE "Kaliningrad AMber Combine" illustrated its work with items of the 50-80s of the 20th century and unique amber pieces. Amber and Redwood Manufacture "Emelyanov and sons" that participates in the Exhibition for the third time drew attention and aroused a keen interest among visitors with high quality  and special design of luxurious furniture and things.

Kaliningrad stand was the only that presented amber at this forum of decoratiove and applied art. It aroused special interest by visitors from France, Germany, Italy, China, who wanted to get information about where and how it is possible to buy amber or amber chips for incrustations of wooden, glass, metal items or for lacquer producing.

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