Калининградские художники с 21 по 24 июня представят свои изделия в Париже

19 June 2012
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Kaliningraders will demonstrate for the third time the beauty of the Baltic sun stone – main treasure and brand of Kaliningrad region – in jewellery and carved items by the support of the Kaliningrad Amber Museum. 

45 participants from 9 countries – Belgium, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Russia, the USA, France – will take part in the Exhibition, which will be held in the Violet Street in Paris. Glass artists, paintings and carpets restorers, goldsmiths and ceramists, mosaic masters and guitar makers, chasers and stone carvers, ebonists and lace makers will present works created in the best traditions of cultural heritage and according to the modern trends in design development.

This year Kaliningrad delegation consists of Vyacheslav Mishin, Natalia and Konstantin Domichkovskie, Tamara Beletskaya, Tatiana Maletskaya and Boris Serov. 

Organizer of the exhibition is Jean-Claude Guillemot – president and founder of the association of French artists “Once, an artist…”. Association, which was founded more than eleven years ago, according to a very original and innovative conception that lies in slogan “Share”, offers to the members of this union four boutiques in the Violet St., where they have possibility to exhibit and sell their works. Association “Once, an artist…” organizes the Third International Exhibition together with 15th district Mayor’s Office of Paris. Opening of the exhibition will be held on the 21 at 18.00.

Kaliningrad Amber Museum Press Office

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