Kaliningrad from a bird's eye view

26 June 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The Amber Museum conducts guided tours to the viewing platform of the Dohna Tower every day.

Accompanied by a museum employee, you will go up to the highest point of the building and find out about hoe the tower was constructed, its architectural style, and consider its design features. The guide will tell you, who and for what purpose the fortress was erected, how it was used in the pre-war time, what role it played in the days of Königsberg assault on 9–10 April 1945, and how it was used in the years after the war.

Individual guests and groups up to 5 persons are invited to the guided tours.

Ticket price – 100 rubles for each guest.

You can order the guided tour at the museum ticket office.

Authorial guided tour "Code of the City. History in Symbols"

The guided tour lasts for 1 hour 20 minutes, it includes history of the city from 11th to 21st century, which is illustrated by symbols standing for milestones of the "biography" of Kaliningrad-Königsberg, that also includes presentation of views of Königsberg and Kaliningrad (archive photographs) through a binocular using the augmented reality.

"Traditionally, participants of the guided tour around the city faces difficulties in perception of the cityscape in historical continuity. It is defined by existing style, time abruptions of Kaliningrad-Königsberg, the city with a complicated destiny. The guided tour "Code of the City. History in Symbols" allows to "gather" the city as a whole from the viewing platform of the Dohna tower", – mentions author of the guided tour and manager at the Amber Museum Gennanii Semionov.

The guided tour to the viewing platform of the Dohna tower is held every day* from Monday to Friday at 12.00 (*changes in schedule are possible).

Number of guests in a group – under 5 persons.

Ticket price – 200 rubles for every guest for all categories of visitors.

You can order guided tours only by prior registration by the phone: 8 (4012) 53-82-19.