What exhibitions you can attend in the Amber Museum from starting 23 June?

23 June 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Please take a look at the list of the current events in the Amber Museum beginning from 23 June.

Permanent display including following themes:
Origin of amber and its properties
Historical and archaeological knowledge of amber
Amber in the art of the 16th–18th centuries
History of the Amber Room
Königsberg Amber Manufactory
Kaliningrad Amber Combine
Interactive display "Workshop of an Amber Artist"

Permanent exhibition "Amber House"
There are artworks created by modern artists from Kaliningrad and Saint Petersburg. Among this works, there is a decorative panel "Russ" by Alexander Zhuravliov (1943–2009), unique item that has no analogue in the world. On the display, there are samples of the highest quality mosaic, lapidary, and jewellery art – decorative panels, vases, caskets, clocks incrusted with amber, small statuary donated to the museum by the Foundation "Development of Charitable Programmes" (Saint Petersburg) in 2013.

Exhibition "The Same Sky is Above Us"
Exhibition of amber works by artists from the regional public organisation "Kaliningrad Guild of Amber Craftsmen". Masters that ate famous in Russia and other countries are presenting jewellery and sculptural compositions. Title of the exhibition uses the quote from a piece written by the famous Kaliningrad writer and public activist Yurii Ivanov (1928–1994) reflecting the idea of unity and optimism of artists, who have created their works during the pandemics.

Exhibition "Vagabond Masters"
Exhibition of objects made by goldsmiths from the late Bronze Age – early Iron Age 10th–4th centuries B.C.. There are archaeological finds found on the territory of Kaliningrad region.

Bronze items were extremely expensive? that is why archaeologists find them either in treasure-troves, or in burials of the local noble people. These can be armament supplies – axes, swords, but also adornments – various bracelets, torcs, pins, etc. Naturally that in those distant epoch, people who lived here moved both on foot along many brooks and rivers, and by means of water transport – dugout boats. There is such a boat in the exhibition, it was made from a trunk of one tree.

Exhibition "Journey to the Art"
Annual exhibition of works made by students and teachers from the Department for Decorative, Applied Arts and Folk Crafts of the College of Entrepreneurship (until 2019 – Kaliningrad Art and Industrial College). There are jewellery pieces, household sets, interior objects. They are decorated with motives of Gorodets, Mezen, Petrikovka, Palekh, Polkhovskii Maidan, Ural, Khokhloma paintings.