Results of the Regional Biennial

11 September 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Winners of the Eighth Regional Biennial of Amber Artworks "The Transformed City" have been selected . The biennial is dedicated to the preparation of the city for the matches within the 21st FIFA Championship.

Considering the contestant works, the jury have decided to give following awards:

Diploma in the category "I Am From Kaliningrad!​"

Konstantin Domichkovskiy – for the composition "A window to the dear city". 2018. Amber, metal, brass.

Diploma in the category "Best Creative Idea"

Tamara Beletskaya – for the jewellery set "The Old Town". 2018. Wood, leather, amber.

Diploma in the category "Best Serial Work"

Konstantin Domichkovskiy – for the jewellery set "Parallels". 2018. Amber, silver.

Diploma in the category "Debut"

Lyudmila Dushina – for the necklace "Rings in the Water". 2018. Amber, brass, epoxy resin, metal.

Diploma in the category "The Baltic Nature"

Elena Tsvolko – for the necklace "The Autumn Apple". 2018. Amber, leather, cord, metal.

Diploma in the category "The Same Sky is Above Us"

Yulia Kirshina – for the ring "A Little Secret". 2018. Amber, porcelain, wood.

A special diploma from the jury chairperson Lyudmila Bogatova "For the Best Creative Idea"

Konstantin Bushmelyov – for the composition "Look". 2017. Amber, redwood, metal.

A diploma from the juror Inna Apolonskaya "For the High Skills Level"

Elena Tsvolko – for the composition "Hog. Hunt". 2018. Amber, metal, wood.

A diploma from the juror Natalia Voronova "For Professionalism"

Alexander Korolyov – for the work "Königsberg Grail". 2018. Amber, metal.

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