Results of the regional contest

7 September 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 7 September, results of the Seventh Regional Biennial of Amber Artworks "Amber Milestones of the History" have been resumed in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. The contest is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of foundation of Kaliningrad oblast'.

Diploma in the category "I am a citizen of Kaliningrad!":
Yuriy Velikotskiy – for the object "Kaliningrad – 2016. Battle for amber", 2016 (amber, metal, wood, phianite; carving, casting, turning, silvering).

Diploma in the category "The best stone-carving work":
Zhanna Lopatkina
 – for the brooch from the series "Flowers of the city", 2015 (amber, wood, brass leaf, metal; Florentine mosaic).

Diploma in the category "The best creative idea":
Tamara Beletskaya 
– for the jewellery set "Jurate and Kastytis", 2016 (wood, amber, leather, metal; author technique).

Diploma in the category "Amber and other gems":
Tamara Beletskaya
 – for the necklace "Country", 2015 (amber, agates, glass, sackcloth, wood shavings, thread, metal; author technique).

Diploma in the category "Nature of the Baltic":
Elena Denisenko
 – for the jewellery set "Meerschaum", 2016 (copper, amber; patination, brazing, polishing).

Diploma in the category "The best mass product":
PE Sumerkin 
– for the necklace "Dad brought from the seaside", 2016 (amber, metal; carving).

Diploma in the category "The best mass product":
PE Yegorova 
– for the collection "The Baltic coast", 2016(brass, leather, amber; casting on smelt models, mounting, fitting, polishing).

Special jury diploma "For the mastery of execution":
Konstantin Bushmelyov 
– for the wine set 'Russia", 2016 (amber; mosaic, carving, turning).

Special jury diploma from Yulia Bashkirtseva:
Valentina Chernetskaya
 – for the object "Architectural legends", 2016 (redwood, copper, amber; etching, patination, intaglio, polishing).

Chair of the jury:
Elena Toropova
Art expert, candidate of art history, associate professor of the I.Kant Baltic Federal University, member of the Union of Russian Artists, member of the International Association of Art Experts AIS.

Yulia Bashkirtseva
I.Kant Baltic Federal University, associate professor of the Department for Philosophy and Sociocultural Services and Tourism, candidate of candidate of philosophical sciences. 

Irina Radinovich
Head of conservation department, Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum.

Irina Toropova
Deputy director for research of the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, art expert, expert of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, candidate of pedagogical sciences.

Project partners:
Emelyanov and Sons Amber-Redwood Manufactory  
Kaliningrad Regional Public Organization of Entrepreneurs "Amber Union"
LLC commercial manufacturing enterprise "Alk"
Agricultural production cooperative "Flor" and flower shops chain "Rosa" 
LLC "Konigsland"
Creative workshop of Kaliningrad artists "Prussian Honey"

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