"The Art of Northern Niello"

29 April 2016
Press Office of the Amber Museum

For the first time in Kaliningrad! On 29 April at 17.00 the exhibition "The Art of Northern Niello" is opened in the Amber Museum. The exposition will present silver works produced at the CJSC "Velikiy Ustyug Northern Niello Plant" – historical objects of the beginning of the previous century, exclusive author exemplars, various contemporary works of the 20–21 centuries.

Guests will see around hundred showpieces demonstrating the whole range of the wide assortment of the company: souvenirs, tableware and jewellery, serving ware and religious objects. Everything is made of silver of 925 assay and are decorated with the niello ornament hand made using the unique ancient technology.

The art of precious metals blackening, that came to Russ from Byzantium, was widly spread in many Russian cities. However, only in Velikiy Ustyug, the ancient city of the Russian North, it was developed and started a unique craft that got the name "Northern Niello" on silver. Secrets of the hand-made craft, secrets of the formula and allowance of the blackening, have lived up to the present time in their original state. Today, the ancient craft, having over 330 years of history, is kept and successfully developed by talented artists and masters of the Northern Niello Plant of Velikiy Ustyug.

The exhibition, prepared in cooperation with the JSC "Yuvelirtorg" branch "Rubin" (Kaliningrad), will work until 22 May 2016.

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