Interective itinerary "Name of the Stone"

18 July 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

There works made by artists from 16 regions of Russia at the exhibition of the Fourth All-Russian Contest of Jewellery and Stone-Carving Art. In their works they used stones – rare and widespread, natural and synthetic, worked and almost untouched.

When you go down to the basement floor to see the exhibition, you will find a map. Works are pointed on it, where you can find the most beautiful, amazing and mysterious minerals of the world. We tell an interesting fact about each of them, you task is to understand, which stone it is about, and to find it. By the exit from the basement floor you will be able to check you guesses – we placed there the answers.

Have a nice journey!

The exhibition "Minerals of the World in the Art of Contemporary Artists" works until 2 September 2018.

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