“If You Don’t Like Amber...”

24 July 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

An exhibition for those, who do not like amber has been prepared for the first time in the Amber Museum.

From 24 July, in a separate exhibition hall the most interesting objects from the museum collection will be shown, they are going to present amber as unique, second to none artistic material having a wide variety of original properties.

Members of the museum's team followed forming the new exposition such criteria as artistic value, interesting history of exhibits, they being rarely shown to the wide audience, impressive qualities of objects, and Amber as main material used in their creation.

As a result, our guests will see jewellery, lapidary and mosaic works made in various techniques, different in their style, manner of execution, but united by their authors' love to amber.

Among them are copies of objects from the 16–18th centuries (candle-sticks, caskets), items origination from the first years of existence of the Kaliningrad Amber Combine (as souvenir "The Kremlin"), production by East-Prussian amber working companies from the early 20th century, works by foreign and Russian contemporary artists.

Looking at such a variety of amber artworks, every guest will find something he or she likes and open the beauty of the "sunstone". Guests of the museum will be able to enjoy the exhibition "If You Don't Like Amber..." until the end of the tourist season.

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