Donation to the Amber Museum from the "Charitable Foundation "LUKOIL""

17 November 2015
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 17 November 2015 Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum received two works of the leading Kaliningrad amber artists Konstantin Bushmelyov and Alexander Yuritsyn as donation from the non-profit organization "Charitable Foundation "LUKOIL". The decision about the gift was made by the president of the foundation Nelly Alekperova during her visit to the Amber Museum in September of this year. 

The donation ceremony took place at the opening of the exhibition "Masterpieces of the Amber Collection" presenting works of jewellery, decorative and applied art from the museum's collection that includes about 16000 depository items. There are demonstrated 140 works created in the 1990–2000s by the artists from Denmark, Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and  Russia. The donated items – the casket "Muse", 2014, by Konstantin Bushmelyov and Alexander Yuritsyn, the vase "Fisher and the Sea", 2015, by Konstantin Bushmelyov – have the central place of this exposition.

– We are proud of the fact that the Amber Museum has such impressive collections, – told acting minister of culture of the Kaliningrad region Svetlana Kondratieva at the exhibition opening ceremony. – And the collection is constantly enriched thanks to extension of cooperation geography. It is not only a center of exhibition activity, but also research and educational ones. The fast-growing museum arouses the wish to make presents to it. 

The donation from the "Charitable Foundation "LUKOIL" was given to the director of the Amber Museum Tatyana Suvorova by the director general of the LLC "LUKOIL-Kaliningradmorneft" Yuriy Kessler.

– I admire, what has happened in the Amber Museum within last ten years, – shared his emotions Yuriy Kessler. – Works of the high artistic level are presented here. I will certainly come here again with my friends, colleagues, family. With pleasure, I am fulfilling the assignment of the foundation president Nelly Alekperova giving this beautiful artworks, which will enrich the museum's collection.

In her response speech, Tatyana Suvorova expressed gratitude to the "Charitable Foundation "LUKOIL", as well as to the LLC "LUKOIL-Kaliningradmorneft", grants of which were used to realize successfully several museum's projects. She also mentioned, how important it is to make solo exhibitions of artists. As exactly at such exposition Nelly Alekperova saw works of Konstantine Bushmelyov and duly appreciated them. 


   Charitable Foundation “LUKOIL”

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