Fund raising concert "We are Special"

2 April 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Graduates from the S.V.Rachmaninov Musical College and their students are organizing a fund raising concert on the occasion of the World Autism Awareness Day. It takes place in the Amber Museum on 2 April at 18.30.

There will be Maria Becker (guitar), Dmitriy Mishin (guitar), Alyona Rush (guitar), Zhanna Dinnik (piano forte), Tatiana Burdina (violoncello) and other musicians performing on the museum's stage. There will be also an exhibition of photographs of children with autism at the exhibition hall. Its name "Look in the eyes' is deeply symbolic. Many of these children can not look in the eyes.

The collected money from the tickets will be used to create a Autistic Children Support Fund in Kaliningrad oblast. After the concert, blue air-balloons will be released. It will be a symbol of Kaliningrad joining the international society supporting people with autism.


The number of children with autism in Russia increases every year: in 1990 there was 1 child with this disease for 1600 healthy children, in 2017 it is 1 child with autism for 67 healthy children. Kaliningrad is not an exception. Children with autism spectrum disorder the communicative behavior, emotional contact with the world around suffer, which influences their socialization in a bad way. One of the methods of autism treatment is musical therapy. It is music that provides emotional basis for communication and interaction of such children with adults and age-mates.

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