20 May 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

During the regular work of the museum, using the AR-application Artefact and a smartphone camera, our guests were able to see unique amber objects, learn unusual facts about them and get acquainted with some rare document materials. While work of the museum is restricted, the Культура.РФ portal offered to have a look at our collection online on the web-site of the project. 

Natural and scientific section of our exposition will tell you about the origin and qualities of amber, about amber samples that differ in weigh, size, colours, and grade of transparency, including those with inclusions of flora and fauna remains of 40 million years old.

In the cultural and historical section, there are amber adornments and household objects from the Neolithic Age (4000–2000 B.C..) until today. Amber art works from the 16–18th centuries from the collection of the Königsberg Castle, lost during the Second World War, are represented by scientific reconstruction made by specialists from the workshop of the State Museum Reserve " Tsarskoye Selo" and Kaliningrad artists based on documental material. 

unique artworks by European masters from the 16th century are especially valuable, they were donated to the museum by the Moscow Kremlin Armoury in 1978. The are completed with contemporary copies of old amber items from collections of the greatest museums of our country. 

Independent expositional complexes are dedicated to the Königsberg Amber Manufactory (1926–1945) and Kaliningrad Amber Combine (since 1946). 

The modern amber art is represented by artworks of Russian and foreign artists. Among the latter – authors from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the USA.

You can attend the exhibition in AR format on the web-site: