Old lime-tree lanes with beetles from the Red Book

27 August 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Environmental protection (alas!) is a multi-staged process requiring cooperation of many services and application of knowledge in various, sometimes very specific, spheres. This time, municipal services of the Gurievsk district sought entomological advice from the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. After the August respond of entomologists together with representatives of the environmental prosecutor's office to the place and the prosecutor's precaution upon the cut of roadside trees inhabited by the Red-Book insects, exactly these services are the next chain that need a workshop in entomology.

This time the field trip had three goals. Firstly, to observe the trees that are planned to be cut, give estimation and discuss viability and legitimacy of this action. Secondly, show the environmental specialists from the Gurievsk district and MBI " Blagoustroistvo" (Improvements) methods of search and defining trees that are important for preservation of biological diversity in the region (i.e.. inhabited by insects from the Red Book). Thirdly, discuss possible methods and possibilities of growing larva of Osmoderma eremita Scopoli in captivity or in artificially made eco-boxes (with the following reintroduction).

All three tasks were fulfilled. The municipal specialists received a lot of data on different rare and ordinary insects of the region, discovery of unique ecosystems and their unique inhabitants. Now they have all the needed information to preserve places of distribution of insects from the Red Book.

Kaliningrad Regional Youth Public Organisation "Govoryashchaia Voda" (Speaking Water) (chairperson Samoshko N.) lit up with the idea of security of Osmoderma eremita Scopoli micro-population in captivity and under the human control in half-natural environment. We wish them a good grant, as well as successful international and municipal cooperation.

And the rare Osmoderma eremita Scopoli (as well as inhabited by them old lime-trees), hopefully, got a small extra chance to be seen alive by our descendant.