Album "Amber in Nature and Аrt"

27 October 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

In 2017 the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum has published a full-coloured gift album "Amber in Nature and Art".

The book tells about origin, varieties and qualities of the Baltic amber, amber inclusions (vegetative and animal ones), as well as artistic amber working since the ancient times till nowadays. A special attention is given to the amber craft on Sambia and to the artistry of Kaliningrad masters. It is intended for both specialists in the sphere of amber craft, and all admirers of the sunstone.

Presentation of the book will be conducted by the leading research associate of the Amber Museum, expert of our region and member of the World Amber Council, owner of the title "Amber Personality 2016" established by the International Amber Association (Gdansk, Poland) Zoya Kostyashova.

Until 2004 there had been almost no page dedicated to the artistic amber working in the history of Russian culture. The publishing work of the Amber Museum eliminated this informational vacuum. Supported by the Government of Kaliningrad oblast, as well as by partners and philanthropists of the museum publishing of the exhibitions catalogues, books about Kaliningrad masters, monographs on scientific researches, conferences materials began. Part of every edition is necessarily sent to all libraries of Kaliningrad oblast, as well as to the Russian Central Institute of Bibliography.

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