"Alatyr 2019". Results of the Jury's work

2 July 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The exhibition of the Eighth International Biennial of Amber Artworks "Alatyr 2019" has been opened in the museum.

Over 100 artists from China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Russia submitted around 220 original works to the theme "BOTANICA" for the competition.

Grand Prix of the Kaliningrad amber biennial went to the artist from Vilnius (Lithuania) Dovile Zydeliene. She submitted for the competition her brooches "Triptych", 2019 made from silver, copper, and amber.

The competition works were considered by the jury:

Germany, Berlin
Burkhardt Göres
– Doctor of arts, honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts, from 1983 to 1996 – director of the Museum of Decorative Arts, Berlin State Museums, from 1996 to 2008 – director of the Museums and collections of the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg

Italy, Milan
Bianca Cappello
– jewellery and costume jewellery historian, critic, teacher of history of costume jewellery at the European Institute of Design (Milan) and Galdus State Goldsmith School (Milan), member of British Royal Society of Jewellery Historians

Lithuania, Palanga
Regina Makauskienė
– national and international projects coordinator of Palanga Amber Museum, Branch of the Lithuanian Art Museum

Poland, Łódź
Andrzej Szadkowski
– artist, design professor at Łódź University of Technology (Poland); member of the Jewellers Association of the city Hanau (Germany); member of the International Amber Association (Gdańsk, Poland); Honorary member of the Association of Artists of Jewellery Forms (Warsaw, Poland); member of the Arts Council of the International Competition of Young Jewellery Designers “Image and Form” (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Russia, Saint Petersburg
Aleksander Krylov – Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, amber restorer of the highest category, one of the recreators of the Amber Room, member of the World Amber Council in Gdańsk (Poland)

Russia, Saint Petersburg
Valentin Skurlov – PhD in History of Arts, expert in artistic values evaluation at the Ministry of Culture and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, Academic Secretary of the Russian Memorial Carl Fabergé Foundation, full holder of the Fabergé Order, Honoured Worker of Decorative and Applied Art

Russia, Kaliningrad
Irina Toropova
– art expert, PhD in Pedagogic Sciences, deputy director for research at the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, expert of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Having considered the competition works, the jury decided to give the following awards:

Grand Prix:

Dovile  Zydeliene, Vilnius, Lithuania – for the brooches "Triptych", 2019 (silver, copper, amber).

In the category "Skills":

Natalia Almazova, Kaliningrad, Russia – for the flacon "A Morning Fragrance", 2018–2019 (amber, mammoth ivory, metal).

Diplomas in the category
1) Qiang Guo, China – for the object "Responsive", 2018 (amber);

2) Antti Nieminen, Taipalsaari​, Finland – for three objects: bracelet "Seaweed", necklace "Tears on the Beach", necklace "A Moment on the Beach", 2019, (fragment of a bomb from the Second World War, steel wire, forged steel, silver, amber).

In the category "Creation of an Artistic Image":

Mette Saabye, Copenhagen, Denmark – for the necklace "Ancient Flowers", 2019 (carved amber, gold, diamonds).

Diplomas in the category:
1) Anna Tereshchenkova and Oleg Tikhomirov, Saint Petersburg, Russia – for the brooch "Sun among Branches", 2019 (amber, ebony, silver, steel);

2) Marie Rimmen, Copenhagen, Denmark – for the brooches "Fields of Amber", 2019 (gold, silver, amber);

3) Ildze Bogana, Riga, Latvia – for the object "Living Things", 2019 (amber, plastic, epoxy resin).

In the category "Innovation":

Ma Yuxian​, Beijing, China – for the bracelet "Jin Xing", 2019 (amber)

In the category "Floreale Motives in the World Artistic Tradition",
dedicated to rethinking of the heritage of the significant historical styles:

Diana Tabachkova, Moscow, Russia – for the brooches "DREVO" I and "DREVO" II, 2019 (amber, mahogany, metal).

Diplomas in the category
1) Vitali Papst, Nuremberg, Germany, in cooperation with Evgenii Chekmariov, Kaliningrad, Russia – for the vase "Remembering Hokusai", 2018 (maple, black walnut, amber);

2) Lev Romanenko, Elena Tsvolko, Kaliningrad, Russia – for the jewellery set "Summer", 2019 (amber, silver).

In the category "Theatre" dedicated to the Year of Theatre in Russia:

Olga Kuznetsova, Togliatti, Russia – for the construction ring "Bite", 2019 (bronze, silver, amber, phianites, plexiglass).

Diplomas in the category:
1) Alexander Koroliov, Kaliningrad, Russia – for the composition "The Flower Walz", 2018–2019 (amber, ash tree, ebony, sperm whale tooth, metal, pastes, whalebone).

2) Aleksander Iuritsyn, Aleksei Sazhin, Ekaterina Topchieva, Vladimir Likhanov, Elena Sapozhnikova, Kaliningrad, Russia, Vitali Papst, Nuremberg, Germany – for the object "Heliocar", 2019 (brass, amber).

In the category "Artworks from Copal and Amber imitations"

Nikita Nashchiokin, Moscow, Russia – for the pendants "Rails" (copal, bronze, rhodium plating).

Diploma in the category:
1) Anastasia Dubrova, Moscow, Russia – for the perfume flacon "Botany", 2019 (amber imitation, bronze).

Special Jury Diplomas:

1. Andrzej Szadkowski awarded his diploma to Anna Tereshchenkova and Oleg Tikhomirov, Saint Petersburg, Russia – for the brooch "Sun among Branches", 2019 (amber, ebony, silver, steel) "For Innovative, Untraditional Presentation of Amber"

2. Alexander Krylov awarded his diploma to Zhanna Lopatkina, Vadim Lopatkin, Iurii Lopatkin, Kaliningrad, Russia – for the mirror "Nature", 2018 (amber, wood) "For Adherence to Traditions and a Fine Comprehension of Amber's Colours".

3. Burkhardt Göres awarded his diploma to Natalia Almazova, Kaliningrad, Russia – for the flacon "A Morning Fragrance, 2018–2019 (amber, mammoth's ivory, metal) "For the Finest Skill of Amber Treatment".

4. Bianca Cappello awarded her diploma to Ildze Bogana, Riga, Latvia – for the object "Living Things", 2019 (amber, plastic, epoxy resin) "For the language of ethics and poetry. Because in the past it was believed that amber comes from the sea, but today we find only plastic on the coast. Also for the composition, which poetically "combined" and balanced two such different materials as amber and recycled plastic".

5. Regina Makauskienė awarded her diploma to Jurgita Erminaitė Šimkuvienė, Vilnius, Lithuania – for the object 2019 KUAIZI (Chinese chopsticks), 2019 (amber, silver, epoxy glue) "For Using a Natural Image".

6. Valentin Skurlov awarded his diploma to Aleksander Koroliov, Kaliningrad, Russia – for the composition "The Flower Walz", 2018–2019 (amber, ash tree, ebony, sperm whale tooth, metal, pastes, whalebone) "For the realisation of the Idea of Theatre in the Traditions of Carl Fabergé . Dedicated to the 175th Anniversary of Petr Iliich Tchaikovsky".

7. Irina Toropova awarded her diploma to Irina Latkina, Saint Petersburg – for the ring "Still life with Orange and White, or Ice and Flame", 2019 (brass, silver plating, amber) "For Skills and Humour".

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