Lessons for schoolchildren

25 February 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

From 25 February to 27 March, the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum conducts themed lessons for students of the 1-6 forms "Casket with Adornments".

In interactive form, a teacher will tell about traditional women's head dresses, adornments of different peoples of Russia, which were not only decorations, but also showed information on marital status, age of the owner, social status of the family, as well as were considered a strong protective charm.

From the presentation with video children will learn, why Russian girls gave adornments to their grooms as a gift, what paushi and ochelia is, what for to wear 8 kg of pendants, and if a tinder-box was an adornment. A team game will help children to solidify the gained knowledge, then within a workshop everyone will make a thematic souvenir for the memory of this visit to the museum.

Lessons are held at the exhibition of the Russian ethnographic costume from the private collection of Svetlana Lebedeva (Kaliningrad).

Registration by the phone: 53-82-19

Duration of the lessons – 60 minutes

Cost of the lessons – 150 rub./ person

Groups up to 25 persons