"Amber by Alexander Krylov"

23 June 2017
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The solo exhibition of Alexander Krylov (Saint Petersburg, Russia) is opening at the maroon exhibition hall of the Amber Museum in the middle of June. The official opening ceremony is held within the biennial "Alatyr 2017" on 30 June.

Alexander Krylov, restorer artist of the highest category, in 1981 together with colleagues created a workshop for recreated of the "The 8th Wonder of the World" – the famous Amber Room. He had been working on its recreation for 24 years, from the first to the last day, then he took the position of custodian of the Amber Room.

There will be a series of icons made by Alexander Krylov at the exhibition in the Amber Museum. They were made in the technique of Florentine mosaic using amber, wood, bone, foil. These are "St. Nicholas the Wonderworker", "St. George the Conqueror", "The Royal Family",  "Panagia Portaitissa", a large triptych "Deisus tier" 2,5 meters wide and others. The icon are distinguished with precision, picturesqueness, especially under the pointed additional illumination of these works. The additional lights makes every one of them shine. There will be also sculptural portraits of historical characters in the exposition. The exhibition was organized in cooperation with the Foundation "Development of Charitable Programs" (Saint Petersburg).

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