Exhibition of Alexander Krylov's works has been prolonged until September

8 February 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The exhibition of the restorer artist of the highest category Alexander Krylov caused a huge number of positive reviews from museum's guests. Our museum has managed to negotiate with the author of the amber master pieces about its prolongation until the beginning of September. It is especially important considering the fact that in summer in Kaliningrad there will be games of the FIFA 2018 and the city will visited by thousands of foreign football fans, who will be able to see the unique showpieces.

Alexander Krylov is famous for the fact that in 1981 he together with his colleagues established a workshop for recreation the Eighth World Wonder – the famous Amber Room. He worked on its recreation for 24 years, from the first day to the last one, then he took the position of its custodian.

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