Exhibition “Decorative art from Russia” was opened in Germany

9 December 2014
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Exhibition “Decorative art from Russia” was opened in Wiesbaden, Germany. There are objects of decorative and applied art of Altai, carved stone works and jewellery presented by Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum in the exhibition.
The exposition works until 20 December 2014 in the cultural center “Haus der Heimat”. Regional Community of Russian Germans (president Vera Maier) organized the event supported by Entrepreneur Union of Hessen. Curator from Kaliningrad – Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum.
The works were presented by artists from Altai and Kaliningrad masters – Nikolay Kotov and Konstantin Bushmelyov, who created two sets specially for exhibiting in Wiesbaden.
Citizens and guests of the city could get familiar with carved stone works of ones of the best Kaliningrad carvers, whose art pieces are in the Amber Museum’s collection. Within the exhibition artists conduct workshops in amber working for schoolchildren.



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