Exhibition “Black Dress”

17 May 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

From 17 May the Amber Museum is presenting an exhibition of contemporary jewellery art of Poland “Black Dress”.

“Black Dress” is the latter conception of modern jewellery pieces by the design studio from Gdańsk “Art7”. Introducing black cookout to the natural beauty of amber and use of designer decisions that are associated with luxurious adornments (diamonds, natural pearls) defines a brand new quality of design in this collection inspired by achievements of the prominent fashion designer of the 20th Century Coco Chanel.

As leader of the jewellery studio “Art7”, artist Wojciech Kalandyk mentions, “since the moment I started working with Amber, I have always been amazed by the various impressions it can make depending on how it was worked. As today a lot of jewelers work with Amber in Baltic region, a question soon aroused, how to excel among others. The studio “Art7” from Gdańsk has been searching for the answer for many years, and has presented the stone in spectacular, wonderful and simple in use jewellery pieces. Unique design and experimental approach to our favorite jewellery material, amber, is result of many years of the aesthetic search. We draw inspiration from the primeval beauty of amber and Modern trends in design, architecture, and fashion”.

Works from the Black Dress collection have been exhibited in the Amber Museum in Gdańsk (Poland), the Amber Museum in Ribnitz-Damgarten (Germany), the Museum of Contemporary Art in London, the European Centre of Solidarity (Gdańsk, Poland), gallery “ICKX” (Brussels, Belgium), Palazzo dei Giureconsulti in Milan (Italy) at the Artistar Jewels Competition.

The exhibition will continue to work until 16 June.

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